The world is yours...pick it up! ITALY HOME LUXURY will conduct you.


It is born in Italy, In Fratta Todina, a real estate agency that relolutionizes the entire field, ITALY HOME LUXURY. The scope of the ITALY HOME LUXURY is to guarantee, everywhere in the world, maximum visibility of every piece of real estate to create with the customer a relationship of a continuous and long-lasting confidence. At ITALY HOME LUXURY the  customer is KING and is assisted and guided with a range of services tailored to his specific needs. The real estate trust in ITALY HOME LUXURY will be subjected o the following steps:

ANALYSIS OF MERCHANTABILITY evaluation of the property through in-depth market research.

 SEARCH DOCUMENTATION to fully verify the structure of the property from the point of view of the cadastral office.

PROMOTION property will be advertised by the corporate website and other advertising means.

MARKETING careful selection of customer buyers with professional presentation of property.

CONCLUSION total assistance until the conclusion of the contract (sale or lease).

The services offered by ITALY HOME LUXURY are:

- a contact person at your disposal;

- help to book a point of accomodation for your stay;

- guided tours of property;

- technical verification cadastral and structural;

- support for the design and/or restructuring carried out by professionals such as archetect, engineer and surveyor;

- legal assistance for the sale;

- preliminary regestration for sale;

- support for management of rental property.


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  • Todi Cisterne Romane
    Todi Cisterne Romane Over 5 kilometers of burrows and galleries, more than 30 cisterns, preromane, Romans and medieval.
  • Orvieto Sant' Andrea
    Orvieto Sant' Andrea XII century, In the crypt they are visible rests of mosaics pave them belonging to the XII century
  • Orvieto
  • Orvieto underground
    Orvieto underground 1200 wine cellars of which cisterns Etrusche of the V sec. B.C.